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We help small businesses and bloggers boost their rankings and conversion rates with our WordPress speed optimization service.
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OptimizeWP is our premium SEO service offering created specifically for small businesses who have decided to build their business on WordPress. Catering to small businesses and WordPress agencies, OptimizeWP offer simple, done-for-you Speed Optimization, Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimization services for your WordPress website.
Lee Anthony
SEO Themes
As a leading WordPress blog, page speed is extremely important to our business. Giving readers the best experience possible is our number 1 priority, and OptimizeWP has continuously helped us go beyond what we thought was possible. It is clear that they know what they are doing when it comes to optimizing a WordPress site.
Lee Anthony
WP Power User
As a premium WordPress maintenance company it is hard to find white label service providers that we can trust. Outsourcing our SEO, speed optimization and WordPress maintenance services to OptimizeWP has been a breath of fresh air, and has allowed us to grow our business to new levels. Having such an experienced team on hand has given us the confidence to expand.
Lee Anthony
Genesis Site Care
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Why having a fast website is so important

Benefits of WordPress speed optimization

Increase conversions

Faster page speed and website performance to achieve Google page speed scores in the high 90’s

Boost SEO rankings

Optimized content, site structure and schema microdata help your site become more search engine friendly

Conversion rate optimization

Boosting conversion rates and reducing bounce rates to increase sales and leads as well as search engine rankings

Page speed optimization

Faster page speed and website performance to achieve Google page speed scores in the high 90’s

Search engine optimization

Optimized content, site structure and schema microdata help your site become more search engine friendly

Conversion rate optimization

Boosting conversion rates and reducing bounce rates to increase sales and leads as well as search engine rankings

About OptimizeWP

OptimizeWP was created by Lee Anthony, founder of, as a way to meet the growing demand for WordPress speed optimization, search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization services for clients. Lee began his career in digital as an SEO and web development freelancer and quickly built up a strong reputation after starting his SEO focussed WordPress theme business. Building fast websites that are both search engine and user friendly is a passion of Lee’s and he has used his years of knowledge combined with user feedback from thousands of WordPress users to create a simple, managed SEO service which is now available for a fixed low monthly price through OptimizeWP.

WordPress optimization services we provide

Everything you need to keep your site lightning fast, on top of search engine rankings and converting more visitors into customers.

WordPress speed optimization service

Our small team of WordPress performance experts will turn your site into a lightning fast, lead generating sales machine.
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WordPress SEO services

Search engine optimization services for WordPress websites. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses achieve first page rankings.

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WordPress maintenance service

Keeping your site secure and updated is an important part of search engine optimization, therefor we provide a complimentary WordPress maintenance service with all of our monthly SEO plans.

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NEW: White label SEO service

We now give WordPress agencies the power to offer our expert search engine optimization services to their clients completely white-labelled.

WordPress SEO service specialists

Customers choose us because they get the peace of mind that their e-commerce website is protected from evil things like hardware failure, cyber threats, and performance bottlenecks.

Speed optimization

Link building

On-page SEO

Content creation

WordPress maintenance

Monthly reporting

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WordPress optimization

Frequently asked questions

How long until I see results?
Typically you will see an improvement in search engine rankings after the first month, however you will see page speed and user experience improvements almost immediately as we begin working on your site as soon as you sign up for a plan.
Do you need admin access to my WordPress site?
Yes, we will need admin level access to your WordPress site to make the necessary on-page optimizations, perform site maintenance tasks and improve your sites page speed and performance.
Will you need FTP or cPanel log in information?
We may ask for FTP or cPanel access depending on your server configuration. Having web server access allows us to greatly improve the speed of your site by controlling the web server settings, however this is optional and totally up to you.
Do you need Google account information?
We can set up Google analytics in your google account or ours. We setup Google analytics, google search console and Google optimize for tracking conversion rates.
How does content creation work?
We have a small team of professional writers who perform research in your industry and relevant topics and then put together blog posts which are then posted on your website or used as guest posts on third party websites which are related to your industry
How long do I need to be on a plan for?
SEO is a long term strategy therefor we usually recommend at least 12 months to prolong your results and ensure you are getting the most value out of your investment. That being said, you will also see great results after 6 months
Do I need to sign a contract?
No, all of our plans are no lock in which means there are no contracts or minimum terms. You can simply switch, pause or cancel your plan at any time.
What does white labelling mean?
White labelling is a term used to describe unbranded products or services which are offered by a company to be resold by another. We offer fully white label seo services at a discounted reseller rate for agencies to offer to clients.
What if it doesn’t work?
We’ve never had a site we couldn’t rank but for your peace of mind we offer a satisfaction guarantee which ensures you see results or we will happily return your money back.
Do you use white hat SEO methods?
Yes. Content creation is at the core of our SEO strategies and we only use white hat link building methods such as guest posting and citation building to receive only high quality links relevant to your website

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